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Many seniors blame themselves and their capacity to learn when it comes to technology

It’s often not the seniors’ capacity to learn that prevents them from learning technology. Most times, it’s the source material or the way technology is presented to a senior that’s the issue.

Case in point

In the early days of personal computers, your computer came out with three large encyclopedia sized books, just for one program; DOS. Technically minded people put them together. They were terrible. The authors, employed by Microsoft, may have been talented programmers, but they couldn’t present instructional information in an easy-to-understand format for the average PC user.

I used to blame myself for not understanding this technical gobbledygook until I found another source of technical instruction for my computer and the software I wanted to learn. It was the 90s, and I hadn’t been on the Internet for long when I came across Amazon, now one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and still the largest bookshop in the world.

I bought my first book online from Amazon to learn graphic design and it blew me away. I could follow what was being taught in the book. From that point forward, I have sought multiple sources of information to learn anything.

It’s even more important to understand this in 21st Century. You may look up a video on YouTube, do a Google search, but you will know soon enough if this information or person can communicate with you effectively. If not, don’t give up; just find better information from a source you understand.

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