Ian Mackenzie: Designer, Marketer, Photographer.

Let’s explore some digital opportunities together

Technology Changed Where I Live

Discover how my passion evolved into a business.

My Interests

“To be interesting; be interested”
Dale Darnegie

Technology Training Sessions

Starting at $75/hour

Online Educational Resources

Free and paid options available

Digital Marketing Strategy

Starting at $225

Landscape Photography

Prints starting at $45

Let’s go on a creative, digital journey together.

Consultation Services

You don’t have to do this on your own

Digital Strategy

Crafting effective online growth plans

Marketing Expertise

Innovative strategies for online success

Photography Consultation

Enhancing visual storytelling techniques

Technology Insights

Guidance on navigating the digital landscape

The Process

Exploring the journey with Ian Mackenzie



Understanding your unique digital needs


Strategy Development

Crafting tailored plans for your success



Bringing your digital vision to life

Happy Clients

Discover what clients say about Ian Mackenzie

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